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The Manual - Design Strategies Handbook

The Manual is based on the latest knowledge in architectural design strategies and techniques, it’s specifically made to help architects and designers who are not energy experts understand the energy consequences of their most basic design decisions and give them the information, so they can generate a high-performance design that take in the considerations both, the environment and humans.

Note: THE MANUAL Handbook is NOT for Sale, you can downloaded for free at any time.. 

Collected and Written By Nour Mustafa, the founder of

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Nice experience

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July 5, 2020

This website offers a variety of effective solutions for everything related to construction.
You did a job, and I wish you more success.

Mohammad Bateha, Petra Aluminum Co.

prefect experience

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April 19, 2020

The experience with the website and with the staff. They respond so fast. Thank you. I would highly recommend the website.
The website offers access for different products from different fields in one place.
Highly recommended

Ibrahim Al Nakeeb

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